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As a child enters into their teenage years, they become more orientated around their social interactions than the family. They actively seek close friendships and friendship groups. Often the parents feel the sting of abandonment and rejection as their child no longer wants to spend as much time with them as they did the past....
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From birth to adulthood an individual transitions through a number of developmental phases each with their own associated changes and subsequent behaviours. Sometimes it is difficult to know what is developmentally appropriate vs. what is what is abnormal behaviour. One specific age which sees some of the most significant changes on the physical, social and...
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Behaviour Signs
Teenagehood is a complex stage of life. Not only are teenagers experiencing significant physical changes but, enormous social and emotional changes as well. They are developing a sense of identity, exploring social roles and experiencing the emotional turmoil that may come with it. With the growing prevalence of mental illness, it is not surprising that...
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