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From birth to teenagehood: An age-by-age guide on expected behaviour and how we can support them

From birth to adulthood an individual transitions through a number of developmental phases each with their own associated changes and subsequent behaviours. Sometimes it is difficult to know what is developmentally appropriate vs. what is what is abnormal behaviour. One specific age which sees some of the most significant changes on the physical, social and emotional levels. Parents are often asking a lot of questions around whether these changes are expected or warrant some concern. Most importantly, all any parent wants to know is whether their child is ‘normal’ and how they can support their children as they grow up.

In adolescents friends appear to become more important than family. They are stepping into the world with the intention of becoming healthy, independent adults. They will naturally become more distant, possibly push boundaries and seemingly more emotionally distant. This is all a part of developing independence. As parents, it is important to be supportive without judgement or criticism. They need your love and connection more than ever.

This article provides a wonderful age by age summary of what to expect and how to support your child through it.