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6 Tips to Develop your Teens Strong Sense of Self

Allowing them to choose and try new things EVERY DAY As parents when our children are young we are used to guiding them, giving them information and making suggestions, but is this...
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Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure: Not Necessarily all Bad

Before we can discuss the topic of peer pressure it is important to note what exactly it is. Peer pressure can also be thought of as peer influence and social pressure. It...
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Purpose of Adolescent Friendships

As a child enters into their teenage years, they become more orientated around their social interactions than the family. They actively seek close friendships and friendship groups. Often the parents feel the...
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From birth to teenagehood: An age-by-age guide on expected behaviour and how we can support them

From birth to adulthood an individual transitions through a number of developmental phases each with their own associated changes and subsequent behaviours. Sometimes it is difficult to know what is developmentally appropriate...
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Behaviour Signs

Normal Teenage Behaviour or Warning Signs of Something more Serious

Teenagehood is a complex stage of life. Not only are teenagers experiencing significant physical changes but, enormous social and emotional changes as well. They are developing a sense of identity, exploring social...
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